Five Years On: A global update on violence against children

16 Juli 2012 par fso

Seit mehr als 13 Jahren kämpft die Stiftung Sarah Oberson für notleidende Kinder. Sie hat so für wichtig gehalten, on-line die Abschlüsse zu legen von The Report from the NGO Advisory Council for follow-up  to the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Children A global update on violence against children. “Five years after the UN Study was presented to the General Assembly, this report summarizes significant research from academic researchers, UN agencies, and non-governmental organizations, at times incorporating interviews with children themselves.”

Conclusions of the International NGO Council on Violence against Children

This report has provided only a glimpse of the scale of violence children are still suffering daily. The data described here, and in particular the children’s testimonies, clearly demonstrate that violence against children remains a global scourge that needs urgent action. Moreover, austerity measures taken in response to global economic difficulties can lead to less priority placed on children, less social spending, and less effective protection against violence. Globally, there is still insufficient awareness of the levels and consequences of violence on children’s lives and healthy development. Some forms of violence remain socially acceptable, despite a strong human rights consensus against all such violence. Children’s low status in society continues to render them extremely vulnerable to many forms of violence, and they rarely have recourse to effective remedies or redress. Few perpetrators are held accountable.

As we have highlighted in this report, there has been progress in some areas. This progress, however, has been embarrassingly slow and we are far from achieving the goals and commitments made by States when the UN Study report was presented to the GA in 2006. We have seen many meetings and conferences organised around the world, new studies being published, some new laws being passed, even a new international convention adopted. Nevertheless, millions of children are still facing violence on a regular basis, at home, in school, in the community, in the workplace, in institutions, or when they come into conflict with the law – and many are paying for it with their lives.

The NGO Advisory Council for follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children is committed to continue to work alongside the SRSG and other UN organisations and procedures towards the elimination of all forms of violence against children. To do so, we seek renewed commitments from States and other actors.

We therefore reiterate the need for urgent action and follow-up to the recommendations of the UN Study. We are calling on states that have not yet done so to develop national strategies to address violence against children, with adequate resources and a high-level focal point, and ensure their implementation. States must immediately prohibit all forms of violence against children in all settings. We call on all states to strengthen efforts in the other areas outlined by the UN Study recommendations. These include improved data collection to effectively measure the effect of actions to end violence against children; public education campaigns; better measures for prevention, capacity strengthening, recovery, and social reintegration; more effective reporting and accountability mechanisms; and active engagement with children to involve them in devising strategies to end the violence they experience.

To maintain momentum, we urge that the mandate of the SRSG on Violence against Children be renewed in 2012. Ensuring continued high profile global advocacy for the UN Study recommendations is an imperative. States should ensure sufficient resources for the effective functioning of the mandate by funding it from within the UN’s core budget, as is the SRSG on Children and Armed Conflict.

“No violence against children is justifiable, and all violence against children is preventable.”

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